Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Paper Christmas Trees

I had friends over for a Christmas dinner a few nights ago and decided to make a little something for the table. I came across this tutorial for paper Christmas trees and decided to try it out. =)

Since the trees are small, I just whipped out my leftover cartolina from my sunburst mirror and some wrapping paper.

I glued the wrapping paper to the cartolina to make it a sturdy base. Don't forget the back side as well.

After you've cut out your first tree shape, you can now use this as your template.

Then cut the shapes out!

Cut a slit in the top and bottom half of each pair of trees that meet in the middle.

Then just slip the trees together!

I used my trees as accents for my table setting. The tutorial I got this from placed a small star on top, so you can even use that as place cards by writing the name of your guest on the star. =)

Here's the entire table set-up for our dinner =)

I'm sure everyone's enjoying their own get-togethers and parties with Christmas so near! =)


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  2. love your lamp! and your DIY trees, of course! thanks for sharing :)



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