Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fun activities at Dusit

During our buffet lunch at Dusit, we noticed there was this small area at the lobby where you could get glitter tattoos for free. So, Miley and I checked it out and what do you know, she LOVED it!

The thing is, Miley hates strangers. So I wasn't really sure if she would allow someone to touch her hand at first. But when she saw the different designs and the glitters, she got excited as well. She was even the one who chose the unicorn design and the colors! =)

After a while, she wanted to get another glitter tattoo. But there was a line so we noticed that there was a tumbler making area right beside it (you choose what stickers you want to place on the tumbler). Well, let's just say she didn't want to leave and ended up finishing almost all the stickers. We went home with 4 tumblers. Good thing they were also free! =)

Then, it was finally her turn to get another tattoo. During the first one, she was sitting on my lap. But after a while, she was on her own like a little donya haha!

She ended up getting a Dora and lips design on her legs, and another one on her arm of an angel. She wanted more but we already had to go! ;p

These glitter tattoos are so cute but I hope she doesn't get a permanent one when she grows up hehe!  ;p


  1. Love love love Miley's dress. Ang kyuuut talaga ng tutu skirt sa little girl. =)
    By the way, how do you post pics side by side? I can never do that here in blogspot. They pictures appear diagonally. Labo ba? Hard to describe eh.

    1. Sis, I fix the photos in a collage sa Photoshop muna. =)

  2. the dress of Miley is so pretty! i'm drawn to girly dresses that aren't pink :p



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