Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bazaar Hopping & Christmas Shopping

Last weekend was a busy one for me since I decided to check out some of the bazaars that were happening around the metro.I took my mom and sister with me since I'm pretty sure hubby wouldn't have appreciated the heat and the cramped rows of stalls filled with eager shoppers like me.

First stop was the St. James Bazaar in Alabang. I've been to this bazaar once before and I remember it was really hard to find parking and it was hot! Well, seems like nothing has changed. Since it's held inside a village, the houses near the venue naturally wouldn't allow people to park in front of their houses. It was a good thing we went quite early so we were still able to find a spot in one of the empty lots which was for concessionaires hehe! But we did ask if it was ok to park there and the guard said yes. =)

There were definitely lots of good finds here and I really enjoyed going through each of the stalls, especially the food items which offered free tastes! But after a while, I was sweating so much since it was quite hot! But hey, since this bazaar had no entrance fee, who am I to complain? =)

We also decided to check out the NOEL Bazaar and the Supersale Bazaar, which was both held at the World Trade Center on the same weekend.

I really just wanted to look around for Christmas gifts but me and my sister ended up getting matching cover-ups and bracelets from the Supersale Bazaar. =)

Here's our "sister shopping day" photos from Instagram! =)

Anyway, there are still so many bazaars and sales happening this month! Check out my post HERE for a compiled list. Happy shopping! =)

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