Friday, July 1, 2016

Security Bank's Smart Saver Kiddie Camp

Last month, my kids and I were invited to the launch of Security Bank's Smart Saver Kiddie Camp. Here, we learned that we should start the financial journey of our kids as early as possible. We should train them to be savers and teach them the difference between needs and wants, as well as the value of hard work.

I brought my daughter and my son, and we learned a lot about money, saving, and investing from FQ (Financial Intelligence Quotient) Mom Rose Fres Fausto. I think the one piece of advice that really stuck with me was to buy luxury only if you can afford to buy at least 10 pieces of it. Smart right?

educational talk from FQ Mom Rose Fres Fausto
love all these inspirational, financial quotes
La Pomme station to keep the kids busy
decorating their plush piggies
mason jar piggy banks for the kids

To further teach your children about money at an early age, you can sign them up for the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp. It's a three-hour financial literacy program specifically designed for kids 7 years old and above. In the camp, kids will get to participate in workshops, listen to financial experts talk about the value of saving and experience a bank tour that will introduce them to basic banking. The camp aims to teach children different saving techniques using fun and kid-friendly learning methods. They will have venues in Alabang, Quezon City, Ortigas, Davao, and Cebu coming soon.

To learn more about the Smart Saver Kiddie Camp, visit any Security Bank branch nearest you, click HERE, or call the Security Bank Hotline at (02) 88-791-88.

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