Saturday, July 9, 2016

Puzzles: Board Game Lounge in BF Paranaque

I've been hearing about Puzzles from my other mommy friends for quite a while now. So finally, we were able to check it out a couple of days ago!

I really love the whole concept since I grew up playing board games. I remember my favorites were Snakes & Ladders and Monopoly when I was a kid. But now, I think most games are just being played on the iPad or online! So I appreciate places like this that encourage hanging out with family and friends the good old fashioned way without the use of technology. And I think board games are really getting more popular again nowadays, don't you think?

Anyway, Puzzles is open from 3pm everyday, so we went on a Tuesday at around 4pm. We were surprised to find the place quite full so early on. And people were really having a blast, some laughing out loud while playing the different games! :)

They have over a hundred board games to choose from, which ranges from the kiddie ones to the more complicated ones. You just need to pay P100 per player and you can play for as long as you want.

They also have food of course. For others who will just eat, no need to pay the P100/player fee.

 Here's their menu:

We got some fries and a chicken pesto panini which were both good. Definitely can't wait to try the other stuff they have.

Choosing what game to play can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first. Especially if you have young kids who aren't really familiar with how to play board games.

But what's nice is the staff are so friendly and you can ask them for recommendations or help in playing a game. They'll explain the instructions and rules and even show you how to play. This is what one of the girls gave us and she said this is what they usually suggest for kids or first timers.

Anyway, we also had fun trying out some of the other games. But to be honest, the kids weren't really seriously following the rules (more like making their own hehe). But it was ok, since the point was to enjoy and that's what they did!

And of course, try to clean up as you go for the next users and so you don't mix parts with the other games. Although I noticed that some games were a bit worn out already and missing some parts.

Overall, we had a wonderful experience here. The kids keep bugging me to go back since they had so much fun. Definitely a great place to hang out with friends and family!

Puzzles Board Games Lounge
287 Aguirre Avenue BF Homes Paranaque
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 3:00pm - 12:00mn
Friday and Saturday 3:00pm - 2:00am 

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