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LEGOLAND MALAYSIA RESORT (part 3): Theme Park & Water Park

Finally, here's the continuation of my Legoland travel posts which is all about the Theme Park and Water Park. If you want to read about how we got here from Singapore, click HERE. For our stay at the Legoland Hotel, click HERE.

Anyway, so many people have been asking me if a day trip to Legoland Malaysia from Singapore is worth it. Personally, I think it depends also on some factors like traffic, how long the lines are at the border, and weather. If everything works in your favor, a day trip can be very enjoyable. That's why if possible, try to schedule your trip on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

It's also important to note that they may close the parks in case of strong rains and thunderstorms. This is found in the FAQ of their website:
Due to Malaysia's tropical climate, thunderstorms occur regularly. In the event of lightning within close proximity to the park, outdoor attractions will be closed for the safety of all guests. Because these storms generally occur in the late afternoon or early evening, we recommend you plan to use this time for souvenir shopping, having an early dinner, or enjoying any of our indoor attractions.

But back to the day trip, it is possible to do both the theme park and the water park in 1 day but you will be rushed. From Singapore, you'll probably get to Legoland around 10:30-11am. Then of course you'll have lunch first, which leaves you about 5-6 hours to explore the park before the bus departs for the return trip. Actually, that's plenty of time already since we were able to go around the whole park and do majority of the rides in about 2 hours because there were hardly any lines.

Personally, I really wanted to maximize our experience that's why we decided to stay for 2 nights at the Legoland Hotel. As an added bonus, we were able to get the Buy 1 Get 1 promo for a 2-Day Combo Ticket (meaning you can enter both the Theme Park and the Water Park on the same day). You also get early access to the theme park at 9:30am (regular opening is at 10am).

This was a great advantage since we practically had the whole park to ourselves, especially since people from the day trip usually arrive at around 11am. We were able to do most of the rides during this time.

Hi Emmet!

We were lucky to be the only ones in some rides, so the operator would ask us if we wanted another turn right after without having to line up again. Of course we did! ;p

we did this ride twice
they did this ride about 3 times

Ok, one mistake we did was to go on the Dino Island water ride (kind of like Log Jam in Enchanted Kingdom) early on. We didn't expect we would get SOAKED! There were body dryers for RM10 but it really didn't do much lol! Good thing I brought extra clothes for the kids, but none for me and hubby! So if you're just doing a day trip and plan on doing the water rides, bring extra clothes!

This was the Observation Tower which climbs slowly upwards and fully rotates, which allowed us to see the entire park and its surrounding areas.

I was really happy my kids' height already allowed them to do all the rides. My son rode all the roller coasters with his dad!

There were also lots of play areas for the kids. So if they're too young for some of the rides, they can still enjoy.

And I think Star Wars fans would go nuts over this Miniland Lego exhibit! The attention to detail is amazing! The displays also feature sounds, actions and lighting effects to further enhance the experience.

Of course, they had to check out the souvenir shop afterwards and do a little shopping. We loved the cute little shopping carts they had!

Another advantage of staying at the hotel is we were able to rest in our room when it got too hot outside. And the hotel is right next door the park, just a few steps away which was so convenient. Not like in HK Disneyland where you have to take a shuttle pa. When it got too hot around lunch time, we went back to the hotel to eat and rest.

you can see the hotel right outside the park

We decided to go to the water park that same afternoon. I don't have a lot of pics here since we ended up depositing all our stuff at the lockers. But the water park was so fun!!! There was a wave pool and a lazy river. There were also so many water slides, some which you can do as a group on a big floater! I was too chicken to do some of them, but hubby tried them all! We just had a blast here. :)

For our last day, we went back to the theme park after we checked out of the hotel. We decided to just catch the shows in the air-conditioned areas since it was really quite hot. We saw the Ninjago & the Realm of Shadows live action show and the 4D Lego Movie: A New Adventure.

We also checked out MINILAND, which features some of Asia's best known landmarks made entirely out of Lego bricks. The one from the Philippines showcases Bolinao, a thriving fishing town on the Coast of Luzon Island.

Anyway, I also appreciated that there were lots of play areas everywhere including the restaurants. Here, the kids can play with Legos while you eat.

I'm really thankful that we had good weather during our visit. It rained on the first day but we were just inside the hotel, and drizzled a little on our 2nd day, but that was it. Just remember to bring an umbrella because even if there's no rain, it will definitely be HOT! Even hotter than in Singapore. If you have babies and older companions, don't worry since there are activities and shows in air-conditioned areas to enjoy.

I've read some reviews from people who said they didn't enjoy Legoland very much. Personally, we loved it because I think the park was perfect for my kids' age (6 and 5). I feel like most of the shows and rides are geared towards younger kids and the roller coasters aren't too daring for thrillseekers. The water park might be more enjoyable for the older ones because of all the slides though. And I guess, if you aren't really a fan of Lego, then you wouldn't really appreciate it very much.

But if you ask me, we enjoyed our whole experience and would definitely come back here again. We had so much fun at the water park that I would recommend definitely including this when you visit. Sayang kasi e! But of course, if you're pressed for time, the theme park should provide plenty of entertainment already. Everything was really so AWESOME! ;p

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  1. My nephew would surely love it there. Hope to visit it in the future as well. Thanks for sharing!



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