Monday, November 9, 2015

Hallmark's MIX and MATCH x A Sweet Cottage

I'm one of those people who loves wrapping gifts. I find it so relaxing and therapeutic (read more about my crafty Christmas tips HERE and HERE). So when Maricel of A Sweet Cottage invited me to attend a gift wrapping workshop for Hallmark, I knew this was an event I didn't want to miss!

Last October 28, Hallmark launched its Christmas Mix and Match line in collaboration with A Sweet Cottage, held at Commune Cafe.

The venue was beautifully decorated by Maricel, who I first met last year when she provided the dessert buffet during another blogger event. I was instantly a fan because I loved her style, creativity and attention to detail. And did I mention she's super nice, down to earth, and funny too! She does event styling and decorative fondant cakes so definitely check her out if you're planning a party.

Here is the lovely Maricel sharing some very useful tips for gift giving and wrapping presents.

1. Make a list of people you will give gifts to. Try keeping the list per year so you have a reference of what you gave previously, so as not to repeat. This is a really good idea because you might not realize you've given someone the same type of present year after year (ex. bags for your mom or shirts for your father-in-law).

2. Gather all materials already before starting. Organize gift cards, boxes, tags, etc. in a bin so you will have an easier time sorting through it all. And this way, you will already know what stuff you're lacking or have to buy. Have you ever had that experience of being so excited to wrap, then finding out you didn't have any scotch tape? I have! ;p

3. Make it fun! Start early, have family help, make it a bonding activity with friends. If you have kids (and you're not OC!), have them be part of it by making them write in the gift tags for example. They'll feel super proud to have contributed in their own little way!

4. I've done this before, but if you don't want creases or uneven lines on your wrappers, then get off the carpet or bed. Use the floor or table instead.

5. Do what it easy for you. Keep things stress free since this is the season to be jolly right? If you find it easier to put gifts in paper bags, go ahead! And there are many ways to inject some creativity in a plain paper bag like using stamps or even chalk to jazz it up!

And of course, Hallmark is here to help us this Christmas with their MIX and MATCH line. We were given a preview of all the goodies like gift wrappers, paper bags, tags, and accessories. Check out the gift wrapping buffet below which was like heaven for me!

cute canisters you can use for odd shaped presents, like stuffed toys for example

After that, it was time to get down to business! We had the chance to be as creative as possible in using all the materials.

What I love about this line is how easy everything is to use. For example, the accessories like the bows and flowers come with self-stick adhesives. And since everything is coordinated, you can mix and match to your heart's content.

And... look at what I came up with! I love how it looks professionally done, yet still has that DIY feel. These materials will definitely give us a simpler time wrapping gifts without taking away our creativity.

I'm so happy I also got to spend time with these ladies. Wrapping presents is really more fun when done as a group! :)

showing off our creations
Peachy, Marj, me, Maricel, Audrey, Mancy, Patty

Again, thank you to Maricel of A Sweet Cottage and Hallmark Philippines! I can't wait to start wrapping my gifts with the new Mix and Match line, now available this November in selected National Bookstore branches nationwide. :)

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