Sunday, May 3, 2015

Other uses for breastmilk storage bags

If you're a nursing / pumping mom, you definitely know that you shouldn't reuse your milk storage bags. However, I find it such a waste to throw them away especially if you paid good money for them. And I figured, these bags are more durable than the regular Ziploc bags since they're made to keep our precious milk safe. So they're thicker, leak-proof and even have a double zipper seal.

Anyway, after I've used a milk storage bag, I make sure to wash it thoroughly and check if there are any leaks. When they're all dried up, here are some ways I reuse them:

For toiletries
Who here has carefully packed their toiletry kit then found it all wet after a shampoo or lotion bottle leaked? I found that milk storage bags are perfect for travel sized containers. I pop about 2 bottles in each storage bag, then put everything in my toiletry case. It keeps things more organized, plus no more worrying about my luggage getting wet!

Our yaya has also used these bags to put powder detergent (if you want to bring some when traveling).

Storage for travel
Basically you can use these bags for storing and organizing anything when you travel, just like you would in a normal Ziploc bag. I've used these for bringing medicine tablets:

As well as my daughter's hair ties, clips, and ribbons. I've also used these for my jewelry too.

Waterproof phone case
Milk storage bags are the perfect size for a cellphone when you go to the pool or the beach! So no need to buy those special water resistant casings for your phone. And since milk storage bags are leak-proof, you can be sure that they'll keep the water out. My hubby uses this whenever he works out or trains for triathlon. He can check his phone even if he's sweating buckets or right after a swim. It can also work with your digital camera if it's small enough too.

My hubby also uses this for his money when he works out. Of course you don't want to bring your whole wallet if you're going for a run or a bike ride. You can just stuff the storage bag with your cash in your pocket and again, it's waterproof.

So if you're a nursing mom like me who hates throwing anything away, I hope these were useful ideas for recycling your storage bags. Or maybe you're done with breastfeeding and have unused milk bags you don't know what to do with. At least you can use these first before buying new Ziploc bags right? ;p

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