Thursday, April 30, 2015

Japan Surplus Store (BF Paranque)

I've always been curious to check out this Japan Home and Office Furniture store along President's Avenue in BF. Not to be confused with Japan Home Centre or Daiso, this is a surplus shop selling second hand furniture and home accessories.

The pieces I've seen displayed outside seemed promising. So I finally found the time to drop by a few weeks ago to check out the prices and to see more stuff.

Upon closer inspection though, I realized that these pieces definitely needed some work. Most were in good condition but you could tell they were definitely used and even old. And what was even more surprising were the prices! Can you believe this black chair pictured below (left) was about P3,500? And you needed to have it reupholstered pa in my opinion since the fabric was dirty and had stains. These tall chairs on the right meanwhile caught my eye since they had that vintage vibe and I could already imagine repainting them in a bright color. However, they didn't seem sturdy enough anymore when I held them. Definitely needed more repairs.

There's more stuff and knick-knacks inside. Be prepared though, it was very dusty and quite hot.

From the first glance, I already knew I wasn't interested in anything. And again, the prices were a bit too expensive for me considering these were surplus stuff. My mom was interested in a bowl that she wanted to put plants in. I swear there was nothing special about it so we were so surprised when we were told it was P650! Ummm, di bale na lang, sa SM na lang kami bibili, bago pa!

These figurines/dolls were probably the only thing I would consider buying...

Again, just to give you an idea of the prices, this cabinet was P9,800 and that center table at the back was P5,800...

Those big cabinets at the back were about P18,000 to P20,000...

they also sell bikes btw

Bottomline, I didn't buy anything from here. If I saw something really unique and special, for sure I would have gotten it. But based on what I saw, I'd rather go to the mall where I can buy brand new stuff for much less. And I wouldn't have to exert effort to paint or fix things anymore. And for the plates and ceramic items, just go to Uniwide or even Landmark for a better and much cheaper selection. But who knows, maybe you can find some hidden gems here if you look hard enough.


  1. I agree with you...totally! I've seen first hand where they get these things, but they did ship them, so I guess that's the reason why these things that have been thrown away in Japan are being sold expensively here.

  2. I found really good toys for my boy from Japanese surplus shops. The walkers which cost 1,500-3,000 in malls usually cost below 500 in these shops and they're in perfect condition :)

    1. Yes, I guess it really depends on what you're looking for. :)

  3. May we also invite you to visit Megaoffice Surplus located at Unwide Mall, Dr A Santos ave Sucat Paranaque (Opposite Puregold Sucat) for surplus office and home furniture. Save as much as 70% compared to mall based furniture shops.

  4. I've been here a bunch of times and did make several purchases. I have a penchant for solid wood furniture and that's the reason why they seem expensive considering they're used items. All of the furniture in this store is SOLID WOOD, unlike a lot of the stuff you'll find in SM which are advertised as wood but are actually fiberglass and plywood. Despite the cost it would take to refurbish the items in this store, they're going to last you much longer. Plus, they're likely to cost more in the future. Compared to selling furniture you got from SM which you'd be lucky to sell for half its original price. You just have to know how to appreciate the items in the store. Magkano lang naman magpatreat ng kahoy.

    1. You have a point :) I guess depends on what you're looking for talaga.

  5. Thank you for your post. I agree with many of your observations. I have bought many gems from the Japan surplus stores--office cabinets and chairs which are really good. But you really need to sift through the junk. Some of them even look like it came from the tsunami!



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