Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Moms' day out

I admit that ever since I became a mom, my focus has shifted dramatically to my kids.  If before, I'm game for all kinds of gimmicks, late night parties, out of town trips... now I'd much rather stay at home. And I enjoy it! ;p

I love spending time with my family. Lazy mornings just watching cartoons, doing the grocery, bringing the kids to the playdates are what excite me these days!

Of course, there are times that I crave for adult company and conversation too. Especially when the kids are tearing the house apart or fighting with each other... and hubby's at work! That's when I wish I could transport myself to a dream vacation somewhere. Not having to worry about anything but just myself... :)

That's why I was excited when my friends and I decided to have a girls' night out. Aside from our hubbies working together, we are all fellow housewives and moms too. So we all could definitely relate to one another on a personal level.

We decided to start our day by having some pamper time at The Spa in BGC.

Then after we walked around High Street for what else, shopping! We went to Pottery Barn and I had to control myself from going crazy in the kids section. Everything was so cute and pretty!

We capped of the night by having dinner in Olive Tree. We had so much fun talking and laughing that we didn't realize we had stayed until almost 11pm already! See, us moms can party too lol! ;p

good food and company

It was definitely a good break for us and I can't wait for the next one. :)

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