Wednesday, May 6, 2015

DIY Paper Tassel Garland

Here's a super quick and easy project that you can use to decorate a dessert table or maybe a kid's room.

This only took me less than an hour to do and all you need are the ff:
- crepe paper (in various colors of your choice)
- scissors
- scotch tape
- yarn / string

Open and spread out the crepe paper completely.

Fold in half horizontally and cut into 8 sections.

Get a section of paper and start cutting about 1" strips, leaving about an inch at the top where the folded part is.

Unfold the crepe paper and it should look like this:

Start slowly rolling the crepe paper all the way inwards. Warning. the tassels sometimes get tangled up though, so be careful since they can rip easily.

Twist the middle part until it forms a small loop. Use scotch tape to secure the knot.

Repeat with the rest of your crepe paper.

When everything's done, just thread your string through the loops of the tassels.

Then just hang it up for instant cuteness! Since it's just made of paper, it's pretty light so masking tape will do the trick. Here's how I used it for the desert buffet I made for our grandpa's 95th birthday. More on that party soon! :)

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