Wednesday, April 9, 2014

3 months of Skyler

Wow, time sure flies! I still remember like it was just yesterday when I was counting down the days until I was about to give birth. And then Skyler finally came out, and I was facing the new challenges of being a mom again. I remember the first few nights in the hospital, the anxiety of being at home with the new baby for the first time, lots of thoughts about how Miley and Sabe will react to their new brother, breastfeeding issues, and the sleepless nights! Even though this is baby #3 already, it still wasn't as easy as you would think.

Breastfeeding wasn't easy at first (I remember being so engorged and the awful pain when Skyler would latch on during the early days), I had hardly slept for more than 2 straight hours and was basically a walking zombie, and I was feeling so guilty about not being able to spend quality time with my 2 other kids who I know needed their mom too. It was definitely overwhelming and I remember looking down at Skyler's little face and tiny hands and thinking "I'm sure in a few months it would all be very different..."

And it sure is!

Skyler just turned 3 months old and is already showing signs of his adorable personality. I love this age when he is starting to interact with us already, with lots of eye contact and smiles. He loves it when I talk to him, even just me saying his name over and over! Singing also helps calm him down when he's fussy or agitated. He's also stronger now, being able to lift his head during tummy time. He's also so siksik and heavy already that my arms are given a workout every time I carry him (which is basically all the time lol!).

one of the first smiles I ever captured

Miley and Sabe are now also used to their baby brother, although they react to him very differently. Miley adores Skyler with all her heart and really is so protective and loving towards him. She always wants to see his face and keeps asking about him. She gets so gigil with him too! Sabe, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. He acknowledges Skyler but doesn't want to be near him... There's still a bit of jealousy going on especially if he sees we're paying more attention to the baby than him. That's why he constantly hug and tell him we love him so that it doesn't develop into a middle-child syndrome. I hope he grows out of it soon though and that they grow up to be best friends. :)

Also one of the best developments is that that breastfeeding doesn't hurt anymore and I am now also able to pump and store milk! And I love it when I feed Skyler and he's just looking up at me with those adorable eyes. Makes all the previous pain so worth it. :)

what a happy, smiley baby!
fist bump

Skyler also loves taking a bath, especially since it's sooo hot these days! He gets so sweaty easily and then super lagkit! You can tell he feels so refreshed after every bath time since he's so calm and happy, and then usually falls asleep.

Don't get me wrong, it will still probably be a while before I get a good night's rest since he still doesn't sleep through most of the night. He'll probably sleep about 2-3 hours straight (4 at the most), but usually he likes it when he's in my arms (ayaw magpababa!). So I have a lot of back pain and stiff neck from nursing and then falling asleep in a sitting down position. We've tried letting him cry it out when he wanted to be carried but I guess we're just too soft-hearted and can't stand seeing his pouty face (super kawawa!). And like most babies, he reserves his long naps in the morning or in the late afternoon... And then wakes up and starts to get fussy right when me and hubby feel sleepy already haha!
oooh, look he has dimples!

He also got sick a few weeks ago, because both Miley and Sabe had colds too. I was so confident that he would be fine since we were exclusively breastfeeding, but he got vaccinated at around the same time so I guess his immune system got weak. You can just imagine how stressed out we all were with 3 sick kids! I was so confused and worried because I kept reading how you shouldn't give months-old babies any medicine yet. So all I did was use saline nasal drops and then suctioning the nose for a whole week. He wasn't getting better and it was torture hearing his sipon and cough get worse. But he never lost his appetite or got matamlay. His colds was just very bothersome when he was feeding since he couldn't breathe properly. Finally, our pedia reassured us that giving medicine would only help him get well. He had colds for about 2 weeks already so not giving him any might only make things worse since it could lead to further complications. So I finally gave in and with lots of prayers, Skyler finally got better after a few days and has been happy and healthy since then. Thank you Lord!

my little man

I'm just so thankful for our 3 children and can't wait for all the surprises and new things to be discovered about them everyday.

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