Monday, August 6, 2012

The Bourne Legacy Asian Premiere

Just came from the premiere of The Bourne Legacy, probably the most anticipated movie here in Philippines!

It was held in Resorts World Manila and this was probably the closest thing to a Hollywood premiere event. Everyone was all glammed up and I was half expecting the stars of the movie to be walking down the red carpet giving interviews haha!

Before the screening, Hollywood producer Pat Crowley, who flew in from New York just for this premiere, said some extremely nice things about the Philippines and the Filipino people. He also said this was actually the first time they had a premiere in one of the cities they shot the movie in. Wow!

They also showed a video message from the stars of the movie, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz, and Jeremy Renner, thanking everyone who worked so hard on the movie.

Well, I have to say it was a very surreal experience seeing your country up there on the big screen knowing this was a Hollywood movie. In other movies where they used the Philippines as a location, usually they would say it was another country like Vietnam or Thailand. But now, they were showing the Philippines AS the Philippines, which is something to be really proud of. It was so cool seeing Manila and all the familiar places like Edsa, the LRT station, the jeepneys and taxis, and many more. And hearing the extras speak Tagalog was great since we don't need subtitles to understand them! Plus seeing familiar Filipino faces as well (I won't say who so you'll just be surprised!).

I've only seen the first Bourne movie (a really long time ago), so I admit I was confused at some parts haha! You really have to pay attention since they do a lot of talking in the first half. It was kinda boring for me. The most exciting part of the movie was definitely the 2nd half which was when the location was already in the Philippines. You could tell everyone was just waiting for that part in the movie. It was so funny since the first time they mentioned the word "Manila", everyone started cheering and clapping! I think it will be like that in other screenings as well since people will just be so excited to see our country!

I still think the original Bourne movie (with Matt Damon) is way better. The story of this one is kind of mababaw for me, especially the ending haha! But I had a really great time and I'm so happy I was one of the first to watch this movie in the world! Hopefully, we'll have more international movies shot in our country after this one. So head out to the cinemas and catch The Bourne Legacy when it opens this week to experience some Pinoy pride. =)

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