Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Big, Little Tushies Diaper Store

Miley has sensitive skin like me, so ever since she was born, we've been very selective with the type of diaper she wears. We tried it all, from Pampers, Huggies, EQ and Mamy Poko, but she always ended up with a diaper rash.

Good thing a family friend gave us some organic diapers to try, which was also being used by her grandchild. Well, Miley was "hiyang" to the diapers so we've been using it ever since. =)

The Big, Little Tushies Diaper Store sell affordable and quality imported diapers. The organic diapers Miley started with looked like it was made out of a brown paper bag. But now, they have different, cute designs to choose from (depending on the size). What we especially love are their pull-up diapers. Don't you just find it so hard sometimes to put a diaper on a wriggling baby/toddler? Especially when you're out with them in a mall or a restaurant and you have to change them. Since pull-ups are like panties, we've actually been able to change their diapers really quickly and sometimes without having to use the public restroom (especially if there's no baby changing areas).

Here's how the packaging of the diapers look. For the price, a LARGE pull-up pack costs P277.50 (36 pcs), while a LARGE regular pack (with the adjustable tape tabs) costs P245 (36 pcs).

Their small store is located in BF Paranaque and it doesn't really look very visually appealing haha. But they also have an online store for those who live far from the area.

Big, Little Tushies Diaper Store
#53 President's Avenue
BF Homes Paranaque


  1. hi ms.helene.

    which brand do you buy? okay ba overnight?


  2. Hi Jenny! We usually buy whatever size they have regardless of the brand. Pero we like Winny, Babylove, and Bear the best. Ok naman siya overnight, pero there have been times na nag overflow din pag super daming weewee talaga. Pero overall, good experience naman kami with their diapers. :)

  3. okies! will buy online. Salamat :)



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