Sunday, October 21, 2018

Color Coordinated Bookshelves

I've always dreamed of having bookshelves in my living room to display all my stuff. And now finally, it's here!

I've checked different bookshelves online from the extremely popular Ikea Billy Bookcases, to getting quotations for custom made ones. But then it would never push through. But when we were in Metro Department Store last month, I saw this bookshelf and it was on sale. It was also the perfect size for my space so I knew it was a keeper!

Original price was P4,695 (so still very affordable) and it was 10% off so final price was P4,225.50. I needed 2, and with the cost of delivery and installation (P600), total cost all-in was P9,051. Not bad right?

75.5" height, 47" width

I have a lot of books and random stuff, from travel souvenirs and various knickknacks acquired through the years. I wasn't sure how to arrange the stuff at first since I had such a diverse collection ranging from whimsical to Asian. But then the most obvious choice to tie everything together was to simply arrange them by color.

I love how I ended up having books with all the colors. And all these were stuff I already had lying around, and they fit in the bookshelves just perfectly!

Here's a closer look at the stuff on the shelves and where I got them.

This vintage cash box was from my mom and I just found lying around in our attic. Good thing I didn't throw it out!
Oh Joy! Gold Lady Planter from TARGET USA
gold mirrored tray from LANDMARK
big dice from DAISO
wooden plane (which was from a model kit we contructed) from KOREA
matryoshka dolls (not complete anymore!) from SINGAPORE
globe from ROSS GUAM
globe from HOBBES and LANDES
wooden hand from ST. JAMES BAZAAR
Lego head from DIVISORIA
candle from SM
globe from TARGET USA
pineapple from TARGET AUSTRALIA
globe from ROSS GUAM
DIY vase (see HERE)
apple from a Gas Station Bazaar
owl from UNIWIDE
globe from ROSS GUAM
airplane from Sky's 1st birthday party (a gift from our supplier)
Mama Mary and Child from ST. JAMES BAZAAR
(can you spot something that doesn't belong? haha!)
matryoshka dolls (not complete anymore!) from SINGAPORE
owl from UNIWIDE
Alice in Wonderland figurine from my mom
mini Chinoiserie stool from UNIWIDE
flamingo figurine from UNIWIDE
tin can a gift
Buddha head from DAPITAN
Unicorn tissue box from Festival Mall
picture frame from my daughter's old wall gallery
figurines from JAPAN
picture frame from my daughter's old wall gallery
Lego head from DIVISORIA
tin can a gift
unicorn pen holder from TYPO AUSTRALIA
picture frame from my daughter's old wall gallery
that's a real Holga camera from years back
owl figurines (salt and pepper shakers) from UNIWIDE
globe from MARSHALLS USA
clock from DIMENSIONE
Buddha head from THAILAND
owl figurine (actually that's a toothbrush holder) from TARGET USA
horse figurine from UNIWIDE
unicorn ring holder from URBAN OUTFITTERS
globe and owl from HOMESENSE CANADA
Stormtropper piggybank from UNIWIDE
lantern a giveaway from a wedding
wooden letter from HOMESENSE CANADA
silver jack from HOMESENSE CANADA
figurines from VIETNAM
Buddha head from THAILAND
paper chest from Papemelroti I think (I've had this since I was in grade school! and it contains letters from my friends haha)
empty Patron Tequila bottle (from some random party lol)

And there you have it! I'm pretty sure you've noticed I have an addiction with globes haha! I still have a lot left over, but they won't fit anymore. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be updating or adding stuff to these bookshelves through the years. I'm just happy I can finally display all my stuff and this room is now my new favorite space in the house!

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  1. Superlike!!! I'm checking MDS UP Town Center this weekend haha! Thanks for the inspiration.



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