Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Scenes from our Christmas break 2015

Here's some of the places we went to during the Christmas vacation. Can't believe the holidays are over already and it's now 2016!

Anyway, I really like how there's a nice Christmas display every year at SM Mall of Asia. It was so hard to take photos of the kids a few years ago (check out our funny pics HERE), but now they were surprisingly well-behaved!

Even my mom was expecting a struggle but they all sat still. What a miracle! Or maybe they were all sleepy na haha! ;p

Looks like yaya is the one tired from watching the kids. Smile naman diyan! Hahaha! :)

There was also a Star Wars display in the area and of course we had to have a pic there, especially my son Sabre who is such a huge fan!

It was the display of a life-sized X-wing which you can even ride on. There was a long line, but I waited just so we can have these cool pics!

We also got to check out the Ayala Triangle light show right before the New Year! Better late than never right? The last time we saw the lights was in 2011 pa pala!

Of course, Miley and Sabre don't remember na when they saw the lights since they were still babies. Now, they were so mesmerized and didn't want to leave. Good thing the show was every 30 minutes so we got to see it 3 times in between dinner. This was Skyler's first time and he loved it too!

We also went to Blue Bay Walk in Macapagal Boulevard where it was nice just to hang out and chill since the weather was cool and breezy.

The best part was probably this guy from a booth called Happy Bubbles. He was just making giant bubbles that kept all the kids super entertained. They were selling the bubble kit for P120 each but my kids were just content running after the bubbles and popping them hehe!

Christmas is really my favorite time of the year. I just love all the displays, lights, food, and of course spending time with family and friends. How did you spend your holidays? :)

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