Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Great Gatsby-themed party

I saw a friend's status in my FB feed a while back and it sad something like "did everyone agree that the theme for this year's Christmas party would be Gatsby?" I found it really funny because me and my girlfriends had just decided on that very theme, and I saw so many other barkadas/offices all dressed up in full 1920's attire. Grabe talaga influence ng mga Kardashians with Kris Jenner's birthday party right? So yes, in na in kami! ;p

We just had our get-together in my friend's house but of course we wanted to dress up haha! Pati mga husbands napilitan (although parang mukha silang mga waiter lol!) ;p

I originally planned to wear a black dress and just accessorize. But then I found this top (an ukay-ukay find) in my closet which I realized I haven't even worn yet. Good thing my mom had the pearl necklace and some feather headbands which I just borrowed.

Even the kids were dressed up at first, but they were too busy playing to be bothered for more pics. :)

And sorry na, but we had to take LOTS of photos! Tuwang-tuwa lang kami sa outfits namin. We're all housewives kasi so bihira to get glammed-up or attend real parties. So todo na to lol! ;p

So happy all our kids were able to play with each other too. Super gulo nila and the house was such a mess after grabe!

As for the boys? Busy with videoke. Actually, my hubby is such a karaoke king, please lang ilayo niyo siya sa Magic Sing. Promise, he will not stop haha! Actually, we didn't even realize it was past 1AM na because all the kids were still so hyper and hubby was still singing. I literally had to pry the mic away from his hands...

Anyway, so thankful for the gift of friends that are like 2nd family. Cheers and happy new year!

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