Thursday, October 8, 2015

S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore

I've been wanting to go to the S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore for quite some time now, and finally got a chance to visit during my trip last July.

We went on a Sunday since I was only there for the weekend, and as expected, there were a LOT of people. If you can, better to buy your tickets online since you might get discounts depending on what promos they have. Us kasi, we weren't sure if we would push through until last minute so we had to line up. Although the queue was long, it moved fast naman. :)

We entered at 4pm and spent about 2.5 hours inside (they close at 7pm). There were other exhibits right before you enter the actual aquarium but we just breezed past them. Maybe next time when we have more time.

We saw their cute stingray mascot just as we were about to enter. Good thing we were able to take a pic since the staff cut off the line right after us for break time.

Again, avoid going on a weekend if you can since there's just so much people. This was the tunnel situation when we were there, look how crowded it was! It was so hard to get a decent picture since someone is passing right in front of you every 2 seconds. And of course, harder to appreciate the place since you're getting bumped left and right. Can you imagine how relaxing it would have been without anyone there?

My friend and I had to use ninja skills to take these pics. Most of our photos had people walking right in front of the camera grrrr!

I've been to Ocean Park in Hong Kong and also Manila Ocean Park and usually the underwater tunnel is the highlight of the place. But here in S.E.A. Aquarium, that tunnel is just a small part of so much more! The place was so big with so many marine life and species that I've never seen before. It was the most amazing aquarium I've been to and worth every penny. Seriously, you can't even compare this to Manila Ocean Park because it's on a whole other level.

Too bad I forgot my camera so these pics were just taken from my iPhone. So I don't think they even do justice to the beauty of the place and all the creatures we saw.

a unicorn fish
glow in the dark
say cheese!
this was one of my favorite aquariums because the fish were so colorful
through the looking glass
we found Nemo and Dory!
this fish was huge and looked like a rock
another viewing area
freshwater habitat

I was already happy with everything we've seen but then we walked into Open Ocean experience which is the HUGE panoramic aquarium. I was so in awe with the size and magnitude of it as well as all the sea creatures inside. It was just amazing.

check feeding schedules in advance if you can
kiddie area where they can sit and color

I could have sat there and just watched the fish swim around all day. We definitely need to come back on a weekday and much earlier next time to maximize the experience.

The jellyfish attraction was beautiful and also a favorite of mine. There's just something magical about these creatures and so relaxing to just watch them move around.

There's also a souvenir shop when you exit but of course, quite expensive. I ended up buying a magnet though to add to our refrigerator collection.

S.E.A. Aquarium is definitely a must see attraction when in Singapore. It's a place the whole family will really enjoy. I can't wait to go back with my kids so they can see all the marine life here.

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