Monday, May 5, 2014

You are my Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you Mrs. Panda for tagging me in the Sunshine Blogger Award. :)

The Rules:
1. Post a picture of the Sunshine Blogger Award.
2. Post 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer 11 questions from the nominating blogger.
4. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
5. Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world.
6. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers.

So here goes! :)

11 Random Facts about ME:

1. I hate heights.  I have such an insane fear of it that when I’m just watching TV and there’s a scene on top of a really high building or mountain (especially bungee jumping!), my hands get all cold and clammy!

2. I never learned how to use chopsticks. Whenever we eat in a Chinese/ Japanese/Korean resto, I always have to ask for a spoon & fork.

3. I love reality shows. Local, international, name it, I’m probably watching it (or at least know about it).

4. I can’t swim.

5. I love biting my nails.

6. My all time favorite color is purple.

7. I used to have really bad asthma when I was a kid, but thankfully outgrew it. But what remained is my allergy to shrimps and cockroaches!

8. I know how to play the piano. Growing up, every Saturday morning was spent having piano lessons at home.

9. I always wanted (and still hope!) to have twins – a boy and a girl.

10. I used to be obsessed with the Mighty Ducks movies when I was a kid (I also had the biggest crush on Joshua Jackson haha!). Me and my friends all had roller-blades and one time I thought I could go down this steep road. I ended up rolling downhill and got such a big wound on my left knee. There’s still a scar there until now.

11. I’m a frustrated singer (mala-Anne Curtis lol!)

11 Questions from Mrs. Panda:

1. Your weirdest childhood dream? That I would get married to Prince William. Now, my dream is for Miley to marry Prince George haha!

2. Name of your first pet. A Chihuahua named Spike

3. Sesame street or Batibot. Batibot! Too bad they don’t have it na now, I’d love for my kids to watch it too.

4. French fries with ketchup or mayo. Definitely mayo! I also prefer to eat hotdogs or burgers with mayo instead of ketchup.

5. What is your best vacation/getaway idea? For a quick vacation, we like going to the Laiya, Batangas area. Or just check for good deals and low rates, even for a hotel staycation in the city.

6. Hot or cold water. Shower: hot, Drink: cold

7. Light shower at night? Yes or No? With this heat, yes!

8. SUV or Sedan? With 3 kids, we need an SUV. But if I’m driving, I prefer a Sedan.

9. Describe your 7th birthday. It was held at Manila Polo Club and I remember there was a magician and I was wearing this poofy dress.

10. Condo or House and lot? why? Both haha! I think if we didn’t have kids, I’d prefer a condo. But with our family, definitely a house & lot. Although I’d still hope to be able to buy a condo someday...

11. Why do you love to blog? Just want a place to be able to share my DIY projects & also have a sort of virtual diary to remember important events. I love being able to look back and be able to read all about my kids’ milestones, family trips and all my other experiences.

11 Questions for my Nominated Bloggers:
1. Where is your dream travel destination?
2. Favorite Disney character?
3. If you could learn how to play any instrument, what would it be?
4. Coke or Pepsi?
5. What’s one beauty product you can’t live without?
6. Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?
7. What is your favorite childhood memory?
8. Do you like your ice cream to be in a cup or a cone?
9. Favorite popcorn flavor?
10. Do your prefer co-ed or all girls/boys school for your kids? Why?
11. What do you consider your best blog post ever?

11 Nominated Bloggers of Mine:
Chessy of
Dewmaine of
Jannah of

Hope you enjoy answering my questions as much as I had fun doing this post! :)


  1. Aww, I'm tagged! Thank you, Mommy Helene! This is interesting! And oh, I am a big fan of Mighty Ducks, too and I guess I still have a crush on Joshua Jackson! Haha! Now, I'm hooked with his TV series, Fringe. :-)

    1. Haha Mighty Ducks forever! Hope you have fun answering the questions! :)

  2. Thank you Mrs. Mommyholic!!! :) :) :)

  3. oooh wow!
    I will try to find time to answer and come up with questions.
    Aki was obsessed with Might Ducks early this year. As in we watched MD 1, 2 and 3, at least 3x times each.

  4. Thank you, Ms. Helene for tagging me =)



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