Thursday, January 19, 2012

Party Planning Mode ON! A look back at Miley's 1st birthday party

Okay... I'm now in full party planning mode for Sabe's 1st birthday party - at just 3 months to go!!! Actually, there was a long debate on whether we should even throw Sabe a party or not. With Miley, there was no question, we went all out with the preparations! I think I was already planning the party before I gave birth to her haha! But seriously, 6 months before Miley’s party, I had already booked the venue, finalized the theme and was working on booking the other suppliers. Needless to say, we had more disposable income then. But now, with 2 kids, a new house, plus the fact that I’m no longer working… well let’s just say baka McDonald’s na lang ang party ni Sabe (joke!).

I was surprised that it was Vins who insisted we push through with Sabe’s party. According to him, kawawa naman si Sabe when he grows up and sees pictures of his Ate Miley’s extravagant celebration. Well, who am I to resist plannning another party? I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it! I just asked for the budget and now I’m ready to go!

Now, I’m looking back at what we did for Miley’s 1st birthday and deciding which suppliers to get again, which items to keep or do without, and how to basically throw a fabulous party at the same level but with a much lower budget (good luck to me!). Here’s a peek at what we did for Miley’s CANDY themed party last year and sort of a supplier’s rating as well:


This is where we also had Miley’s baptism (although on the 2nd floor), so I already knew the ins and outs of the place. Aside from it being affordable, I love how spacious the pavilion was.


I super loved coordinating with Jhoanne. She replies fast to emails and made sure everything was well coordinated during the event. Everyone who attended the party was amazed with how nice the venue looked.

This is what I got from her:
- Full Styro Backdrop and Welcome Rental
- 250pcs Balloon Drops & 100pcs Vines for ceiling  


I was looking for an affordable caterer who would still provide value for money. And that’s what I got with Wowlu at just P200 per head! Vina, my contact person, was also great to coordinate with. She always replied instantly to my emails and endless questions and requests (gift and cake table, combination colors of linens, bringing of extra drinks, etc). 

This was our menu:

We also had 2 lechons so she just charged an additional P500 for rental of chafing dish and labor for waiter – NOW, this was my only issue with them. They did not display and chop the lechon in the buffet set up. Instead, they brought it inside the small room in the pavilion since they said there was no more space in the buffet table. Now, we had 2 lechons and naubos agad. So my family was complaining that we don’t know if they actually served everything or if the waiters took home some of the lechon (hopefully not naman).

Foodcarts/Balloon Centerpieces: YAN-PLE

Another hassle-free transaction. I got these from Apple:
- balloon centerpieces for the tables
- Popcorn (Popperoo) - cheese & bbq
- French Fries - cheese & bbq
- Ice Cream - 3 flavors

Sayang I wasn’t even able to eat any of the food since I was so busy going around. But judging from the line, everyone enjoyed it!


Peachy is my cousin and Miley’s ninang so of course the cake was fabulous! She also made cupcakes as well!

Candy Buffet: DIVISORIA

Bought all the candy at Divi and just arranged them on a table using our own glassware. It was a big hit among the guests!


This has become a staple in all our parties. Their chocolate cakes and cupcakes are to die for! We got banana and of course chocolate cupcakes, which we just put sprinkles and mini marshmallows on top to make it look more festive.

Host: JIGGLES THE BALLOON LADY (hosting & balloon show)

Fabulous host and entertainer! I was able to book her before her price increase so I was very happy. Since we had more adults in the party, she definitely knew how to engage everyone. By her last game, all the adults who joined were having so much fun! I got so many comments during and even after the party of how good she was. But of course, since the same people will be attending Sabe’s party, I have to look for another host who is hopefully as good as Jiggles.


I got the BASIC 3-hour package and just designed my own tarp and had it made for free (the perks of working in advertising before). Pau Marquez, the owner, gave me free 30mins since I booked around Christmas time. I loved the layout she did for the template, it was super cute (but I was the one who edited Miley's photo putting the hair ribbon and holding the lollipop). And the basic package I got didn't come with the photo standees, but she gave them to me anyways.

Kiddie Salon: KIDZ SALON

My mother-in-law was the one who got this for the party since she knows the owner.  They only had 1 stylist but I think they were able to accommodate everyone who wanted their hair painted and styled.

Prizes/Loot bags: DIVISORIA

Got so many prizes and goodies from the ever dependable Divi! I wanted sana for all the prizes to have a candy theme, but all the stuff they had were cartoon characters.

Invites: DIY

Did this using my photoshop skills and free time at the office.

Miley's outfit: SM & Carolina's

I knew I wanted Miley to feel comfortable during the party but still look like she was the celebrant. So I just bought one of those cute tutus in SM, a basic white onsie, and sewed on the neckline a ribbon I got from Carolina's. I also got her a headband but she only wore it for 10 minutes. Not bad for an entire outfit that cost less than P1000!


I got their package B: 
Good for 3 hour photo coverage
Unlimited digital shots in DVD as proof (JPEG files - UNEDITED)
1 Professional Photographer with
12.9 MP DSLR Nikon D90
FREE Website for Online gallery / slideshow for your friends/guests to view

On the day of the party, Mae (my contact person) texted to ask me if I was willing to add 1 more photographer and 100 edited pics with slideshow to my package at an additional cost (I’m not sure if it was P500 or P1000). I figured why not, more pictures for us! When I got the final CD, I noticed that there were only 50 edited pics and no slideshow as promised. I emailed and texted Mae several times but she never replied. I just decided to let it go since I was happy naman with the output. But I definitely won’t be getting them for Sabe’s birthday.

Now, I'm still deciding what theme to go with for Sabe's party (safari? circus? sports? airplane?). I do know for a fact that even though our budget is lower this time, it won't stop me from trying to throw the most wonderful 1st birthday party for Sabe! =)


  1. hi sis!
    this is maqui from n@w.
    I enjoyed reading your blog. we love ceilin's chocolate cake too!

    1. Hi Maqui!

      Wow, I'm a reader of your blog too! I loved what you did with the Letter A party! Super thanks for visiting! =)

  2. hi wer is ceilin..? sorry im new with reading blogs.. i usually jst read.. its my first time commenting.. will i be notified if i get a reply from u? hehe i used my husband's gmail account coz i cant seem to remember my password. lol i followed u in instagram using online shop's account -- littlecreaturesshop hope to hear from u..

    1. Cielin's address is Fruition Building, J. Cabarrus Street BF Homes, ParaƱaque :)

    2. thanks for d reply..mlayo pala sa area nmin.. but thanks for d venue of sabre's 1st bday.. sa mkati ba un ..

  3. Hi sis i hope you dont mind if i asked you how much all in all did you spend on your daughters fab party ? Im planning to have the same theme din kc for my lil one i hope to get a reply from you thank you :)

    1. Hi sis, naku I can't remember na how much exactly... I think it definitely reached 100k din kasi we had a lot of guests (almost 200). And this was 4 years ago so I'm sure nag increase na prices ng mga suppliers hehe... Anyway hope this helps!

  4. Hi sis �� would you still remember how much venue rental sa north forbes and ilan ang capacity? Pwede ba mag rent kahit hindi resident ng forbes? ��And maybe you can suggests other venues with 250-300 capacity. Hope to get a reply from you pls. Thanks ��

    1. Hi sis! I believe during that time it was P16k? But that was a few years ago, it might have changed na since then. Capacity wise, it was definitely big and could fit 200-300 people. A non-resident can book it as long as endorsed by a resident. You could try other venues like Blue Leaf as well. :)

  5. Hi po, where in Divi po kayo bumili ng mga sweets for your candy buffet? thank you po! :D

    1. in 168 or Lucky Chinatown Mall, sa mga party supplies stalls. Just ask if ever, you're sure to find it around. :)

  6. Nice party planning! I really love it, very colorful and creative :)
    Thanks for the ideas



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