Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bataan Trip: Our stay in a Heritage House

During our overnight stay at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, we were booked at Casa Meycauayan, a 5-Bedroom heritage house. When we first arrived at the place, I was wondering where we were going to sleep since all the houses looked old and just for viewing pleasure. Our yaya was even saying that there might not be any aircons in the rooms (but that was ok since the weather was super windy and cool when we were there).

After we checked-in, we were finally led to the house (which is just walking distance from everything). The inside looked exactly as what you would expect the old Filipino houses to look like. Everything was restored to perfection. The place was huge - there was a small dining area, sala, and three bedrooms on the 2nd floor, then two other bedrooms on the ground floor (and yes, all the rooms were air-conditioned). There was a plasma TV in the sala (although it had poor cable reception so only the local channels were clear), small refrigerators in the rooms, and the best part – nice bathrooms (I'm very particular with bathrooms when we go on trips. Ok lang if the room is small as long as the bathrooms are CLEAN)! All the rooms had their own private toilet and bath, and each bathroom had its own bathtub and glass-enclosed shower. Sosyal! We got the biggest room on the 2nd floor since we were with the two kids, but all the other rooms were very comfortable as well. I wanted to see what the other houses looked like from the inside since I'm sure each casa looks different. 

Anyway, here are the pics from where we stayed:

our home during this trip
these 2 photos above show what the original house in Meycauayan looked like
dining area and sala
this is a photo of the original sala
now the restored version (with Miley watching TV)
playing on the couch
2 of the 3 bedrooms on this floor
our room
the bathrooms (all the bathrooms look like this)! Miley super enjoyed in the tub!
love the chandeliers and the windows
the ground floor and entrance to one of the rooms
love the tiled floors
one of the downstairs rooms
just straight ahead and on to the left was the swimming pool
this metal sculpture was just right outside our house.  you can also see the bridge in the background that leads to the beach
here's Miley playing with her titas
going crazy over bubbles!
doesn't Sabe look super cute in his outfit? =)
the whole group (to give you an idea of how many we were that fit in the house)

They also have different types of rooms and houses available, either for couples or large groups like ours. Check them out here. =)

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  1. hello, the place was really spectacular, how much was your entire stay, including the dine in at the place...please email me sis



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