Saturday, May 20, 2017

Our Jollibee Mini Managers Camp experience 2017

Whew, I can finally find some time to relax now since we just ended the last of the kids' summer activities. We did McDonald's Kiddie Crew last week back to back with Jollibee Mini Managers Camp this week. Add to that my son's summer soccer camp which also ended last week.

Anyway, we first did McDonald's Kiddie Crew last year and the kids had a blast. I found out too late though that there was a Jollibee version, since all slots were already full when I tried to sign up last year.

This summer, my fellow moms and I made sure to inquire early and we were able to sign up our kids for the May 15-20 batch.

The Jollibee Mini Managers Camp is now on its second year and open to kids 4 to 12 years old who are Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) members. Parents of non-members of JKC must first purchase a JKC Happyplus Card and register their child for membership for P100. They can then register for the Mini Managers Camp for P600.

The participation fee includes uniform, camp kit, meals for 6 days and activity materials. Mini Managers will also receive a Jollibee Fun Catcher as a gift on their graduation day.

Aren't the uniforms super cute? I personally like it more than the one of McDonald's since they really look like mini mangers haha! The kids didn't like it so much though lol! ;p

The camp aims to impart to kid participants the importance of hard work and good values like leadership and responsibility through various fun learning activities. Example of camp activities include exposure to Jollibee values, store practices, storytelling, drawing, arts and crafts, burger making, jolly joy box assembly, dancing and so much more!

Our schedule was in the morning from 9-11 am. Unlike in McDonald's which had 2-3 batches per day, our Jollibee branch had only one.

In McDonald's, the kids had counter/drive-thru experience everyday. So we were surprised when we were told on the first day that the kids would just stay inside the room the whole time and do activities (parents had to stay outside). They finally did counter time on Day 3 to 5. Anyway, here's what the kids did/learned for the whole week:

Day 1 - History of Jollibee and its founder Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong

They apparently watched a video on the story of how Jollibee started. It was so funny because when my son was telling me about it after, he said the founder's name was "Tony Stark" hahaha! ;p

Day 2 - Respect for Individual, Teamwork and Excellence

They just stayed in the room again and did drawing activities.

Day 3 - Honesty 

They watched a video about honesty and did counter time. After, they had a burger making activity and assembled a Jolly Joy Box which they were able to take home (with a small toy).

Day 4 - Customer Focus

They again went down to the counter/drive-thru area. After, they were each given a turn to use the ice cream machine and have their own sundae.

Day 5 - Become the Manager

More counter time for the kids. We could also hear them practicing for their dance on graduation day.

Day 6 - Graduation Day

Graduation was on a Saturday and there were lots of activities. First, the kids were each given special awards highlighting their strengths like being Confident, Participative, Energetic, Neat, Creative, etc. All the kids were given 3 awards each.

Then they finally did their dance number. They did it twice, the first time just themselves, then the second time with Jollibee.

They also had games like Bring Me and the Boat is Sinking. After, they were given their certificates of participation and also a Fun Catcher toy by Jollibee.

I asked the kids which kiddie camp did they enjoy more and they said Jollibee. Maybe because there were more activities? And also, I have to say the food was better in Jollibee since there was more variety. In McDonalds, the snacks were usually a burger or spaghetti. Here, they were served burger steak, shanghai, hotdog, choco mallows, etc. And they would ask the kids what they liked and serve what they preferred. Like my daughter didn't like the spaghetti so they gave her fries which she asked for.

Anyway, good job to these fast food chains for having these affordable summer camps which the kids definitely enjoy and learn a lot from. It's really super sulit talaga with the uniforms and the food! Of course, mapapagastos (and tataba) ka lang since you'll end up eating there everyday lol! For sure we are signing up again next year. Oh, and my daughter was like KFC should have a summer camp too! Haha hopefully they will soon, so we can have more activities next year. :)

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