Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Make the most out of life with Friso Four

As a mom, it was definitely hard for me to adjust when my daughter started studying in a big school a few months ago. From being so sheltered in preschool, I felt she was now entering the real world where she would be exposed to so many things beyond my control. Of course, I don’t think we can ever fully learn to let go of our kids no matter what age. We’re always there for them, helping and supporting them through the years.

But letting them experience things on their own will help them grow up. Yes, they will get hurt and make mistakes, but we have to realize that they are a lot stronger than we think and give them credit for.

During my daughter’s first week in Grade 1, I was so worried about so many things. How will she find her classroom by herself? Will she be able to eat her food? What if she has to go to the bathroom? What if there are bullies? I was almost at the point of wanting to go to school and wait there until dismissal every single day. Yes, serious! ;p

But then, to my amazement, my daughter would always come home from school all excited to tell me that she had fun! When I would check her lunchbox, her baon would be finished. She even told me she was able to go to the bathroom all by herself! My goodness, she really is a big girl already!

Now, all I worry about is getting her homework done and studying for tests. And of course, as our kids grow older and become busier with school and other activities, we have to remember to keep them healthy so they can make the most out of life’s experiences.

That’s why I’m glad I discovered Friso Four, which helps make our kids strong inside by taking the best of nature and science. From its farms, cows are nurtured with extra care to get top quality milk. Scientists make the most of this natural goodness with a special process that locks in milk’s nutrients called LockNutri technology. This preserves the natural milk protein without over-heating, making it easy to digest for delicate tummies. And as a mom, when I see how resilient my kids are, I’m more confident to let them out in the world to experience life to the fullest!

So moms, let us remember that there’s a bigger world out there for our kids to explore, which will further encourage their development. And if they are strong on the inside, they can take on every experience with us behind them every step of the way.

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