Thursday, December 1, 2016

Delightful DIY with Dutch Mill Delight

The Dutch Mill brand is a staple in our household since my kids (especially my youngest) love their yoghurt drink. So I was really happy when they came out with their latest product – a probiotic drink!

My son actually had some tummy troubles when he was younger. And one thing that was recommended for him was to drink lots of probiotics. But what’s great about the new Dutch Mill Delight is that it’s a probiotic drink with Prebiotic Fiber, which means it helps the probiotic become stronger.

This Duo Active combination (Pre + Pro) helps in better digestion. Prebiotic fiber is plant-based that helps nourish good bacteria inside the tummy. When probiotic and prebiotic are combined, it produces longer living good bacteria which makes the tummy better and absorbs nutrients faster.

Personally, I find the drink delicious and very refreshing. It has a rich milk taste and the consistency is just right. Each bottle contains 100ml and it’s sold at 5 bottles per pack at just P40.00. So it’s something you and your family can enjoy everyday!

And since I love DIY, I figured why not recycle our empty Delight bottles for some extra family fun? Now that our tummies are healthier, it’s time to nourish my kids’ brains through their creativity.


Now that Christmas is just around the corner, why not make some holiday d├ęcor for your home? 

To make the bottles easier to paint and draw on, create a paper mache mixture using equal parts glue and water. Use strips of tissue paper to cover the entire bottle and apply the mixture using a paintbrush. 

Once dry, you can now paint your bottles and transform them into different characters. You can even add a ribbon and hang them on your Christmas tree.

You can also make different characters like superheroes or princesses. Or why not some monsters for next Halloween?


Decorate the bottles with glitter and other accents. Use a small paintbrush to apply glue and sprinkle the glitter carefully over it.

Use these to store small items like beads, hairclips, toys, erasers, loose change, buttons, keys, etc.


Thinking of a little something you can give your child’s classmates or teachers? An easy idea is to decorate your empty bottles using washi tape and then fill these with small candy. 

You can give these out during Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s, or even Moving Up days!

My kids had so much fun doing these activities. And I’m definitely a happy mom when I see them doing something they love and enjoy! 

Anyway, give the new Dutch Mill Delight a try. Not only is it good for you, you can even have some fun with these super easy DIY projects.

Dutch Mill Delight is available in major supermarkets in the Philippines and can also be bought through the Delight Ladies in Rizal, Manila, Taguig, and Quezon City.

You can also check out their website, and follow them on their Facebook page  and Instagram account for updates and more information.

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