Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Star Wars Birthday Party

Happy 5th Birthday to our dear Sabre! Since his birthday falls in April, he wasn't able to celebrate with his classmates last year. So he's been bugging me for the longest time that he wanted to have a party in school this year. We actually threw his party in early March, before their moving up day, so it was a super advanced celebration. ;p

Anyway, I was so happy to find cheap Star Wars themed party supplies in National Bookstore.

party hats, loot bags, banner

Hubby also went to Canada for work and bought all the Star Wars party stuff he could find.

balloons from Canada, then we just bought sticks here from a local bookstore
plastic table cover
Play Packs at $1 each!
comes with crayons, stickers, & coloring book

Then, I just printed personalized tags which I stuck on the back of the loot bags from National Bookstore.

I love how the Play Packs fit perfectly inside the loot bags!

This is the banner from National Bookstore. I just downloaded a free Star Wars font so I could use it to print Sabre's name (and also for the loot bags and invite).

party hats
star candles from National Bookstore
DIY cupcake toppers
used his toys as cake toppers

 Here are some photos from his school party:

Again, happy 5th birthday to our very own Jedi! We love you so much baby! :)

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