Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tokyo Travel Diaries: Odaiba

Next stop in our Japan adventure is Odaiba, which is a large artificial island across the Rainbow Bridge from central Tokyo. There's a lot of attractions here but I have to say the main reason hubby and I wanted to go was to see the popular, life-sized Gundam statue.

The Gundam statue is located at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, a huge shopping, dining and entertainment complex. There's actually a "show", which starts in the afternoon, with lights, sound, and smoke effects coming from the statue. I was actually expecting Gundam to start walking and moving around, but he just stood there hehe. ;p

There was also a park right across which was so lovely because of the fall colors.

It was so nice to take a walk around the island because of the different sights.

a view of the Rainbow Bridge
Fuji TV Building
can you see the airplane in the sky?

We got a chance to see Gundam again when it was dark, and I have to say the show was much nicer since you can now see all the lights.

This was also during the Christmas season so there were lots of illumination displays around the area. We also went inside Aquacity, which was another shopping mall. This is where we bought our tickets to DisneySea since they had a Disney Store inside. There are nice views of the Rainbow Bridge from the wooden deck in front of Aquacity as well.

a replica of the Statue of Liberty
Fuji TV Building at night. There is an observatory deck housed in the sphere shaped part of the building.
Rainbow Bridge illuminated at night

Definitely one of our favorite parts during our trip! Next time, will be sure to explore more of the island.

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  1. Gundam statue looked very much like a knight in the comics I've ever read a long time ago. Currently can not remember.



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