Monday, July 27, 2015

Keeping memories with PhotoTrail

Back in the day, when there weren't any digital cameras yet, I already loved taking photos and made sure to have them developed and printed out. I remember buying photo albums and lovingly arranging all the pictures and inserting them in their individual sleeves. I also remember in high school when my friends and I would have to wait for the negatives from one person to the next just to have the photos recopied! lol! Now, it's so easy to take and share photos. You can just get them instantly through email, Facebook, Viber or WhatsApp!

I admit that I've hardly printed out my photos ever since digicams were born. There's just so much that I honestly can't choose which ones to print. I have so many CDs, DVDs, and so much files and folders stored in my hard drive! And I honestly want to print them out because I'm always so scared that my hard drive would crash or something!

That's why I'm happy there are now easier and more creative ways to have your photos printed online. Like PhotoTrail, a photobook for all your Instagram photos.

PhotoTrail is a convenient way to document your life’s adventures, milestones, achievements, and most cherished moments. It’s a scrapbook, album, journal rolled into an elegantly compact package. And I love all those little details in the spine where you can further personalize your book by putting a title and even your IG name.

I personally upload more photos on my Instagram account (@mrsmommyholic) and I love scrolling through my feed just to see my kids, look back on random moments or just reminisce. So I was so excited when I got my very own PhotoTrail book! It really is different having a hard copy where you can flip through each page and remember that particular point in time.

It really is a great way to organize your photos. Like you can have one book for each of your kids, countries you've visited, special occasions like birthdays, baptisms, and so on! It's also perfect as gifts to your friends and loved ones. I already know the grandparents would love having photobooks of their grandkids, right? ;p

Here are the basics below if you want to start your own PhotoTrail. If you want to know more, you may visit their website at All the details, FAQs, instructions on how to download your IG photos, and costs are there.

So what are you waiting for? Start ordering those photobooks now so you can capture, print, and keep those memories forever. :)

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