Monday, June 1, 2015

The BF Saturday Market

A few weeks ago, I finally got to check out the BF Saturday Market which officially opened just a couple of months ago (on Valentine's Day!). We went just before lunch so we could go around and then of course EAT! :)

It's held in the outdoors so it was a bit hot as expected. But there were lots of trees around which provided shade.

Saw this sign for NO PETS ALLOWED, which I'm sure is a bit disappointing for others who love bringing their dogs wherever they go.

eating area
fountain in the middle of the park

It was definitely smaller than the Salcedo Saturday Market and even the Legaspi one, but there were still lots of unique finds and good food all around! Here's some of the items on sale when we went:

trays, candleholders, placemats, and other decors for the home
super love these wine bottle serving dishes/cheese trays
Siklo bags made from recycled tires/materials
more bags and accessories
beaded items
love these embellished utensils
soaps, lotions, insect repellents, honey
beer making kits (hubby bought a couple of beers from here)
fresh seafood
dried fish
Filipino delicacies

It's so sarap to just hang here and go on a food trip! We were so stuffed from eating so many different types of food! I'm not sure if they have the same merchants/booths every week, but it's still a great way to spend your Saturday morning. Go check it out especially if you're near the area. :)

The BF Saturday Market
7:00AM to 2:00PM
BFFHAI Park, 37 Pilar Banzon St. BF Homes, Paranaque
Facebook: The BF Saturday Market

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