Monday, June 9, 2014

My Fab Finds

2 of my favorite places to shop in are definitely SM and Landmark. They really have so many cute and affordable stuff! I swear, I could spend the whole day just going around their home sections.

I always manage to stumble upon something I really love and just need to buy whenever I go to these malls. Sharing with you some of my latest and fabulous finds. :)

1. I just fell in love with this metal Eiffel Towel the minute I laid eyes on it. This was from the Landmark and cost P900. I think it was a steal considering the size (it's 24" tall) since I've come across smaller ones costing more than double the price.

 2. Also from the Landmark was this placemat set for only P79.75 (6 pieces). I just love the whimsical print and it's packaged nicely so you can even give it as a gift.

3. I blogged about the amazing Living Room Linens section at the Landmark where I bought my throw pillow covers. They also have a great selection of tablecloths like the one I got for only P219.75! The material is a thick cloth and the print is so vibrant in real life. I just wanted to hoard all the designs!

4. Now I also got another tablecloth this time from SM. The material is the plastic kind which I prefer since it's waterproof and easier to wipe clean especially with kids around. This one only cost P100 and I love the dainty, vintagey, floral pattern.

5. I've always loved flamingos so I instantly knew I was getting this one the moment I laid eyes on it. I didn't even check the price at first so imagine my happiness when I found out it was on sale for only P250! Score!

So happy with all my purchases since they're all super cute and cheap too! Fabulous indeed right? ;p


  1. I love the Landmark table linen you bought. Is it also in plastic?

    1. No the Landmark one is cloth :) lots of other cute designs to choose from!

  2. I hope to bump into you at Landmark one of these days, Helene! I love window shopping at their Home Section too =)

  3. did u get this in landmark makati or trinoma? I can't find any linen table clothes for my rectangular table all they have left in makati is the 54x54 ones :( Also I cant find the same eiffel tower wanted to see it live kasi! you have great taste

    1. In Makati :) the last time I was there, dami pang rectangular ones though... For the Eiffel Tower, the one I got was display already. Maybe they didn't restock it na :(



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