Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Miley's 1st movie experience

We finally took Miley to see her first movie, Monsters University, at the cinema yesterday! :) I've always wanted to wait until I felt she was prepared enough to sit through an entire movie. The last thing I wanted was for her to want to go out halfway through the show or something. Or end up crying and making a scene. But we were pretty confident that she was ready for this!

She was really excited when we were buying tickets and snacks. And when we entered the cinema, she immediately sat down on her seat (with the booster seat of course). At first, she was covering her eyes and ears during the previews...

But after a while, she was all ready to watch the show! While eating her favorite snack Pringles too! ;p Well, about halfway through the movie, she started to get restless and wanted to stand up and move around. I brought her to the back of the theater (a lot of parents were also carrying their restless kids here haha) where we sat down on the floor. After a while, she wanted to walk around so we went to the side aisle and sat down on some seats on an empty row. She was really hyper by this time and she kept wanting to change seats and run around hehe! And she kept saying stuff like "we have to hide! we have to find Daddy!" ;p Good thing there weren't that much people near us so I don't think she bothered anyone. But I was able to keep her in place all the way till the end of the movie and we couldn't be more proud of her for finishing the show. Big girl na talaga! :)

When we got home, she was so excited to tell her brother Sabe all about the movie. And we ended up doing "scare games" in their room! So funny!

Our first movie date with Miley was a success and we can't wait for the next one! Hopefully, we can bring Sabe too when he's a little bit older. :)


  1. Miley is so cute. I cannot wait to take my kids to also watch the movie. How was it? was it better than the first Monsters Inc.,?

    Rochelle Rivera

    1. I still like the 1st Monsters Inc. better because of Boo, but this was really entertaining too! A lot of funny moments the kids will like :)



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