Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY Monster Party Decors

Doing the decors for Sabe's monster-themed birthday party was so easy and fun. And I totally love how cute and monsteriffic everything turned out. ;p

I used these monster eyes and mouth shapes from 7under1 Designs to decorate most of the stuff on the dessert table. But I added googly eyes to make it more 3-dimensional. I got the googly eyes from National Bookstore for about P25 per pack of 12 pcs.

For the first time, I'm not doing the usual round cupcake topper with "Happy Birthday" on it! I totally loved the idea of turning the cupcakes into monsters, so I used the eyes as the topper then stuck the mouth on the cupcake liner. Oh, and these were plain chocolate cupcakes so I also added sprinkles to make it more colorful. :)

You can also use the googly eyes as is - use different sizes and quantities and stick them all over containers, bowls, cups, bottles, utensils, etc!

Remember the party hats from Miley's Hello Kitty party? Well, I still had a few lying around so I decided to recycle them! I just covered them with colored cartolina, then cut out basic shapes for the eyes and mouths for cute monster party hats! ;p

There are so many creative details you can do for a little monster party and these are just some of them. What's so great about making monsters is that the sky is the limit. You can make so many versions and characters using basic shapes and colors. And there's no right or wrong way to design them because it doesn't matter how weird they look - they're monsters, so the kookier the better! ;p


  1. Hi mommy helene, you take very good pic, may I ask what brand of camera do you use? Thanks

    1. Hi sis! Thanks, I use Panasonic Lumix LX3 :)

  2. hello there, miss helene. i found your blog by chance and since then, i've been hooked! i love all your DIY projects. :-) by the way, my baby is celebrating his 2nd birthday in a few month's time and he's currently loving Monster's University. I figured he would love a monster-themed birthday party so I'm planning to DIY his party, too. May I ask your permission if I could get a few inspiration from your DIY projects when you celebrated Sabe's party? I hope you don't mind. :-) My son would surely enjoy his party if ever. :-) And oh, did I mention that your sunburst DIYs are LOVE! Ang galing mo! I am also planning to make one once we move in our new home soon. Thanks in advance and God bless! :-)

    1. Hi sis! Yes of course, I myself also got inspiration from other blogs for the party as well. :) Good luck on the party and the sunburst DIY, nakaka-addict siya haha! ;p



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