Sunday, May 27, 2012

My new guilty pleasure

Is reading this blog STFU, Parents! STFU means Shut The F*** Up! and it's a blog where individuals (mostly annoyed friends of the parents) submit screen caps of people's TMI status messages or photos on Facebook. Basically, it makes fun of moms and dads who overshare about their kids on social networking sites. 

It tackles different topics from Bathroom Behavior (poop, poop and more poop!) like this one:

...or Story Hour (where parents recount every single thing that happened in their day) like this one:

...or Sanctimommy (posts from self-righteous moms):

...or my favorite, MommyJacking (commenting on someone's status message by relating it to motherhood or baby - when the status is completely a different topic altogether!) like this:

The blog is terribly addicting (some posts are just laugh out loud insane and unbelievable!). What makes it even more funny are the comments under the statuses plus the commentary of the blog founder after every post. She's so sarcastic I love it!

Now as a mom, I myself am guilty of the occasional status message and photo albums dedicated to my kids' milestones in life. I even have the monthly birthdays album (teehee! ;p). Of course once you become a parent, you can't help but want to share to the world (aka Facebook and other social media) what your baby has been up to! You're proud, that's all. But of course, other people might not find your updates about your pregnancy or baby cute or funny. I myself have rolled my eyes or shook my head at some status messages I've seen on my news feed. Let the examples above and others more on the STFU blog be an example of what NOT to post on FB about pregnancies, childbirth experiences and kid’s lives.

So the next time you post a photo or an update about being preggers, or how busy your day was taking care of the kids, or something new your baby did... think twice. You may end up on STFU, Parents! hahaha! ;p

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