Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Giant Ball Pit in SM BF!

We were in SM City BF a few days ago and on our way to the grocery, the boys spotted this huge ball pit in the ground floor of the main atrium. Of course what could I do but let them jump in!

It's located right by Toy Kingdom, near Uniqlo. Entrance fee was P150 for 30 minutes. Definitely pricey but the boys had tons of fun!

I'm not sure when exactly this ball pit was put up, but probably only a few weeks pa lang since the balls looked clean and brand new. There's a disclaimer though that all equipment are guaranteed clean and disinfected from time to time. Hopefully it's true haha! And it was great how the boys had the ball pit to themselves at first. After a while, there were only 3 kids who joined when they were still inside, so it never got crowded naman.

Anyway, I was so tempted to dive in too, but I was wearing a dress and didn't have socks so maybe next time na lang. But look how much fun they had, especially my youngest! And I love how all the balls were color yellow, so nice sa pictures! Sige na, sulit na un P300 for 30 minutes lol! (actually it was about 40-45 mins kasi the guy said he extended them na, probably since there weren't that much people also).

Update: I was in SM BF yesterday and the ball pit was GONE! Hopefully they bring it back since the kids still want to play here again. ;p

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