Friday, April 27, 2018

The Lion King Musical at Solaire

Finally, hubby and I got to catch the Lion King Musical at Solaire last April 25.

We weren't actually able to buy tickets during the first time it was released. But then they extended the season and we were able to get good seats for Zone C, which is the 2nd least expensive area. Our seats were at the balcony, Row FF right smack in the middle.

We booked online at Ticketworld and there is an additional 3% Service Charge and 1.5% Ticket Protect which is around P300. Not sure if there's these fees when you buy directly from a Ticketworld booth.

Anyway, we arrived in Solaire at around 7pm (show was at 8pm). We actually had dinner in SM MOA, but there are also restaurants in Solaire if you want to dine there. I think we arrived at just the right time since of course I wanted to take photos and we didn't want to be rushing.

There are 3 photo backdrops you can choose from inside the venue (of course I had a picture in all 3 lol). When we arrived, there were actually not that much people yet so we immediately took a pic here.

backdrop 1

After a while, we noticed people lining up for the other backdrops. It was orderly and fast moving naman so you won't have a problem taking pictures even in all 3 backgrounds before the show.

backdrop 2
backdrop 3

 Hubby wanted a beer before the show and good thing they have a bar inside the waiting area.

souvenir shop

Here's our view from our seats. It was good, but the leg room was so tight! We were in the first row of the section so there was like a wall/divider in front of us and there was probably about 2 inches of space between your knees and the wall. If you're buying tickets, the seats before our row were better pala (Row FFF) since there's a wide aisle in front of them.

Anyway, the show started promptly at 8pm. Don't try taking pictures during the show because they are really strict about it. One guy behind us took a pic and I saw the usher come up to him and ask him to delete the photos right in the middle of the show. So please be considerate and follow the rules.

Other tips, bring a jacket in case you get cold easily. Also, go to the bathroom before the show. I didn't go anymore during the intermission, but hubby said the lines in the women's CR were looooong lol.;p

The musical was just like the Disney movie, with a few new songs. The production and stage design were definitely the highlight, it was just breathtaking! And the young Simba and Nala were Pinoy kids pala, they were amazing!

There's a final season extension until May 27, and then they move to Singapore's Marina Bay Sands next. So glad I was able to watch this musical and tick it off my bucket list!

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