Thursday, November 9, 2017

Montréal Travel Diary

During our vacation in Toronto, we managed to squeeze in a short trip to Montreal which is about 5.5 hours away by car.

It was a super last minute decision and what was crazy is that we arrived in Toronto at 10pm and left the next morning at around 10am! We originally wanted to just rent a car but we couldn't find an available one that morning. So hubby's uncle was so kind to lend us his car for the trip. Of course we were still adjusting to the time difference so I barely had any sleep. I kept asking hubby if he was ok to drive and I guess he was, since he got us there in one piece (thanks also to GPS)!

road trip!

Distance between Montreal and Toronto is about 540 kms and to give you a perspective, Manila to Baguio is about 244 kms. So imagine, more than twice as far ang Montreal but it only takes about 5 hours to drive there. We were just on one main highway kasi the whole time, na dere-derecho lang talaga. So ang bilis lang ng travel time considering the distance.

Anyway, we arrived in Toronto the last week of September. And when I was packing for our trip, siyempre un outfits ko pang autumn feels na. But what was so weird was that there was a heat wave when we arrived so the temperature in Montreal was about 30°C! ANG INIT! Parang Manila lang huhu! But it was ok, at least I was able to wear my ruffle skirts (from Bangkok). And when we got back to Toronto, it finally became cold already (average 15°C). So ang weird lang nun weather talaga.

Well, all I can say is Montreal was beautiful! I never really though of visiting this place but I'm sure glad we did. It's like I stepped into Europe with French being the city's official language, cobblestone streets, and all the old churches and buildings.

I'll be posting more about the places we visited, but for now here's some of the lovely sights from Montreal.

Anyway, just a little trivia. Since French is the city's official language, did you know that in Quebec Canada, KFC is called PFK ('Poulet Frit Kentucky' - French for 'Kentucky Fried Chicken'), whereas in France it is still called KFC? Showed this to the kids and they said "Mom, that's a fake KFC!" haha ;p

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