Friday, July 7, 2017

Our Movie World Vacation Video

I just hate flu season! I've pretty much been sick for like a week already and have just basically been in bed all day. It started with my youngest getting a fever, then my other son, then me. Then of course we all got cough and sipon too. Now that me and the kids are starting to get better, poor hubby has gotten a sore throat and has also taken a sick leave. Haaaay when will this end??

We always seem to get sick this time of year, probably since it's the start of school and of course the kids get exposed to all kinds of viruses. So many of their classmates have also been absent as well. The only good thing about this is I've lost weight lol! I haven't had the appetite to eat much lately since I can't taste my food. Oh and I've been binge watching and catching up on some shows like 13 Reasons Why and Grey's Anatomy.

I've also been quite uninspired to blog since I've been feeling so crappy. So in the meantime, I'll just share the video I made from our visit to Warner Bros. Movie World Theme Park. This is the very first video I made from our vacations and effort and pag edit haha. I just used the software the came with my camera so everything's pretty basic. I really have so much to learn pa, especially since I want to make family videos of our trips from now on. And the kids love watching it over and over too! Anyway, hope you enjoy this video! :)

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