Friday, December 18, 2015

Beach bums in Boracay

The family went to Boracay last month and everyone was so excited because it was going to be the kids' first time there. Plus, it was also Skyler's first airplane ride! We already booked this trip months in advance and luckily, we picked the date November 21 to leave. That's because if you recall, the APEC summit was held a few days earlier and so many flights got cancelled from November 15-20! We were already getting worried that the trip might not push through just in case there were more problems from all the cancelled flights. But thank God everything went as originally planned. :)

It was just hubby and me plus the 3 kids on the flight, since our other companions (hubby's family plus our yaya) was on a later flight. Like I mentioned, this was Skyler's first airplane ride and he handled it like a pro! Thank goodness I'm still breastfeeding since he just latched on the whole time and slept right even before we took off. I was worried about Skyler but it was actually Miley and Sabe who were quite a handful! I'm just so happy we survived the plane ride, the boat ride, and the van ride to finally get to the beach!!!


We really wanted to go in November to avoid the huge crowds in the summer, but there were still quite a lot of people when we were there (more than I was expecting). Probably from the APEC holiday or maybe because we were based in Station 2 where all the action was.

Anyway, the weather was perfect during our trip. All we did was swim, eat, sleep, repeat! The kids had so much fun playing with the "sugary" sand too. Here's some snippets from our fun vacay. :)

he was hesitant to touch the sand at first but loved it after :)
We got our hair braided too. Mine cost P100 since it was just on one side, while Miley's was P200 daw (sige na nga kahit mahal! ;p)
pool time
they loved waiting for the waves to push them :)
buko joes
ME: Look it's a shark!
SABE: No mom, it's a HAMMER shark! ;p
beer buds
that sunset
we probably gained 10 pounds from all the eating we did

We didn't want to leave at all! The next time, we're staying for a whole week hehe! :)



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