Sunday, October 5, 2014

Seoul, Korea: Trick Eye & Ice Museum

We explored Hongdae on our first day and to be honest, going to the Trick Eye Museum wasn't part of our plans. I've already seen pictures of other people's trips there so I felt I already saw what there was to see. But we happened to be within the vicinity and decided to just check it out.

The entrance fee was 15,000 won or about P650 (child: 12,000 won). Since it looked interesting enough (and there were signs that said it was ranked No. 1 among museums in Seoul on TripAdvisor), we decided to give it a shot.

The admission fee also included entrance to the Ice Museum as well.

Before entering, there was an area to one side where you can take pictures for free. So if you're on a budget, you can still experience the Trick Eye Museum and have some cool photos without paying for anything. :)

Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Starry Night
Kung Fu!
riding a rickshaw

Finally, we entered the museum. Honestly, we enjoyed it since it was really fun acting and making silly poses. We took turns taking each other photos, but if you're alone or would want couple shots without having to ask others to take your pics, then you better have a tripod with you hehe.

There weren't that much people in the museum with us, but you have to line up and wait your turn in other areas. Sometimes, we'd just skip some pictures since other people would take forever! ;p

What's also nice is there are sample photos on the wall so you know how your picture is supposed to look like. Anyway, here are some of our wacky and cute shots. Dapat may acting powers para believable ang pics lol! :)

To exit the museum, you go inside the Magic Mirror Room which is a super confusing maze! It was really trippy and it took us a couple of tries before we finally got out hehe. ;p

Then, we headed over to the Ice Museum. We were each given a thin raincoat to wear, which was actually pretty useless in the -2 degree temperature haha!

The Ice Museum is really small and freezing cold! I honestly wanted to get out as soon as we entered considering we were dressed for summer. But of course, I just sucked it up in order to take some pictures lol!

I couldn't believe hubby even went on this slide! I couldn't even think straight anymore after a few minutes haha! We probably only spent about 5 minutes inside since that was all we could take.

When we got back home, I couldn't wait to show Miley and Sabe our pics and they kept laughing at all our silly poses! So yeah, I was glad we did go here since it was a fun experience in my opinion. :)



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