Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Instagram photo dump

I'll probably be posting Instagram pics once a month (my first one in January can be found here) just coz there's a lot of captured moments that I won't necessarily be dedicating a whole blog post to. Anyway, most of these photos are from hubby since he's the more active one in IG hehe. I still prefer using my camera kasi e (in fact, most of the pics I upload are actually camera shots which kinda defeats the purpose of Instagram haha). ;p

an afternoon at the park, right before the kids got sick!
Sabe as BOOTS from Dora or TED MOSBY from How I Met Your Mother
(if you watch the show, I'm sure you know the reference to the red cowboy boots ;p)
breakfast at our new garden set after the Condura Skyway Marathon
(hubby ran 21k in under 2 hours!)
look what we got from the ATM! #dlsufirst ;p
Miley finished her first 16 pc. puzzle all by herself!
the cookie monster strikes again!
while waiting for Miley to finish trial class...
behind the scenes arts & crafts for Miley's Hello Kitty party
Happy birthday to youuuuu...
Miley's birthday lunch at Grandpa's house
happy Sabe at Nuvali (I still have to post about our recent outing there)
Mustache Miley
and finally... David Pomeranz in G4!
We just happened to pass by his concert when we were at Glorietta last weekend for dinner ;p

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