Monday, April 23, 2012

Sabe's party: Success!!!

Whew! Sabe's 1st party yesterday was everything I had hoped it would be. I was able to pull off the DIY elements, the suppliers all delivered, and above all, everyone had so much fun! I'll get the official photos 2 weeks from now so my supplier ratings and in-depth kwento to follow.

For now, here are some pics from the photobooth. Fun! =)

With Sabe's party over and done with, I can relax and finally get some much needed rest from all the party planning haha! ;p


  1. I hope you make a suppliers rating. =)
    By the way I love your shirts, where did you get them? Am also thinking of a football theme for my son's bday. Kaso not yet decided, i'm stuck between Super Mario of Football theme. =)

    1. I will definitely make a suppliers rating, just waiting for the official pics. =)
      For the shirts, we just had them made at a sports apparel store in Sucat. Let me know if you need contact details. Good luck with choosing your theme! =)

    2. I love your shirt. Can you please give me their contact details?

  2. hi, may I ask your supplier for the cake? :)
    and your shirt :)



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