Friday, July 21, 2017

DIY Hermione Granger costume

Now it's my daughter's turn to dress up for Book Week at school and she wanted to be none other than Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series.

My kids have only seen the first movie so far, and I can't wait for them to read the books. Anyway, this costume was fairly easy since I already had all of the major components in our closets. For the top, I borrowed a white polo from her brother (luckily they're the same size). I couldn't find a gray skirt in the mall, so good thing I remembered I had this pleated skirt from years ago that luckily I hadn't thrown out yet (see, sometimes being a hoarder has its benefits ;p). I just adjusted the waistline to make it smaller for her.

I also found this maroon necktie from my son's stash and I couldn't believe it was the exact color I needed! For the yellow stripes, I just wrapped a yellow ribbon around the necktie and sewed it in. The back looks like a mess but that's fine. ;p

For the cloak, I just got my black cardigan which was perfect since it was long on her. However, she decided she wanted it to have a hood and make my life that much harder lol!

Good thing it's actually pretty easy to make a hood. I didn't have time to buy black cloth so I just got an old black shirt and cut the back part. Then I got a jacket to use as a template for the hood.

Make sure you have 2 pieces of black cloth, lay it on top of each other, and just cut along the pattern of the hood. Leave some allowance since you will be sewing along the curved part.

Open it up and just attach it to the neckline of the cardigan / sweater. I just sewed it really quickly using a running stitch.

And there you have it! My daughter was so impressed she said the hood looked like it was really part of the cardigan. :)

For the badge, I saw patches of the different houses being sold on For P400, I think I'll just make one. All I did was look for a Gryffindor crest online and print it out.

I pasted it on some thick cardboard and used double sided tape to attach this nametag I found with a safety pin on it. I didn't have a hot glue gun that time, but you can just glue the safety pin directly on the cardboard. Then I colored all the sides and back part with a black marker.

For the wand, again you can find all kinds in There's actually different wands for each of the characters. They also sell all kinds of Harry Potter accessories like scarves, bonnets, bags, etc. So you can really go all out if you want. But being kuripot, I didn't want to spend P500+ so I just went to our garden and got a tree branch haha! In fairness, it kinda looks like a real wand right? ;p

To complete the look, I braided her hair before she slept so she would wake up with curly buhaghag hair.

And there you have it, my DIY Hermione costume. The only thing I bought were the gray socks (I wanted them to be longer, but there weren't any knee-high ones when I went to the mall) then she just used her school shoes. She actually wanted to have a gray sweater over the white polo, and I'm sure it would have looked great, but I said that might be too hot since she would have to wear the costume the whole day. Besides, she looks cute already. :)

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